“In the dark night and fueled by too much coffee, I hit the keyboard knowing that I’m going to make it.”

Many very clever people have fallen for it. Cryptocurrentcy may well be the Quintessence of today´s Alchemists. It is the fantasy of a secret only attainable by the gifted few. Those with the will to explore a furtive activity that only the brightest intellects can develop.

In general terms, life proves that extroverts, caraduras, charismatic chaps get away with it. They win. The world is shaped for them. They get the girls. They get the jobs. The get into the cool places.

Alchemy is the ultimate vengeance of those gifted with a bright intellect and poor interpersonal skills. Those who watched–alone and from a distance–how others reaped the popular recognition.

It is from the bitterness of their isolation, and the confidence of their superiority, that an unexpected triumphant will emerge.

Can these very basic instincts be then manipulated so even the brightest minds fall for these siren songs?