Lessons Unlearned

I wanted to keep writing on LinkedIn but the italics were driving me mad.

LinkedIn Italics

I found no other option but to build my own platform.

I ended up in a spiral I could not control.


I had entered…

 The Rabbit Hole

When you dive deeper into the rabbit hole, every stratum you cross removes convenience and adds freedom.

the rabbit hole

We seem to have two options to move forward, either:

  • We pile up our stuff on top of other’s, or
  • We dig down to reclaim the options that were removed from us.

pile vs dig

One takes you higher, the other expands you. Both take you somewhere else.

For some reason, I believe this world needs more digging and less piling.

—Hmmm… interesting… why did you stop there? You could have developed your own operating system, or assembled your own server, or mined your own silicon.

—(Laughs ironically) ha…ha… Funny. But you have a point though. I guess there are layers that are just over the ability of an individual. At least of this individual.

—Well, I suppose that invalidates your whole post then. In any case it doesn’t make any difference as far as I’m concerned.

Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man. There’s half a dozen things in this post I could have never done on a commercial platform. I find joy in that.

—I can only say that this seems like a huge waste of time.

—Maybe, but have you seen those italics? (Reclains back in the chair, arms raised behind his head, poses the feet on the table and exhales with satisfaction.)